Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Big Day

Today marks a big day for Humanitarian Health!  With the New Year upon us, we purchased our first plane ticket as an Organization  With the funds raised at The Casual Pint and through other donations, we have accomplish our goals for raising sufficient funds for supplies and travel for our first trip, and could not be happier. We will be going down to Haiti with One Vision International, a nonprofit based out of Knoxville Tennessee. David will be involved in a general medicine clinic as well as making contacts with local providers for future surgical trips. We're very excited about this opportunity and very excited to be going to Haiti.  

John and Amy at One Vision International have been a huge help to us during the time we have been setting up HHI.  They have even been generous enough to allow us to visit their office and see the day-to-day operations and given us a large donation of surgical supplies that they will not be using in their medical clinic.  We are really excited about continuing to work with them in the future and being involved with the trip in February.

Heidi and Phoebe cataloging surgical donations

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